Mdf dice tower – kit form – assembly required


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Are you fed up with dice rolling off the table, or forever hearing “they didn’t roll properly” well this is the solution, A “Dice Tower” A simple construction that ensures dice are tumbled randomly before exiting into the capture tray at the bottom.

Simply drop the dice in at the top and they tumble inside, to roll out into the capture tray at the bottom. There are 6 tumble strips inside the tower, 4 of them are hidden by the double walled side panels.
Note! D20 – 20 sided dice are currently not suitable for use with this item, due to their physical size. At some stage I will amend the design to accommodate that size.
The rear face has a nice wizard picture engraved on it, this can be customised with a picture of your choice, dependant on image quality and characteristics.
Dice tower rear view
Laser cut from 3mm mdf with a nice white laminate finish, and engraved images. The tower fits snugly inside the base so that it’s easy to carry around, and you can store the dice inside too. Makes it a real nice portable unit.
dice tower closed for storage
Approximate dimensions:
Height:    130mm
Length:    130mm
Width:       75mm
This item is supplied in kit form, so some assembly is required, instructions are available to assist   Dice-tower-assembly-guide , assembly is relatively simple, but my guide endeavours to make it even simpler.
I used UHU glue to assemble, although it is a little “runny” but it adheres well when dry, I tend to use an ape type glue these days, seems to work well for me, and you don’t need to put it under a “grilla” to make it set. This is a great little project to assemble with your children too.
Dice are not included.
Note: This item is supplied in kit form


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