Bespoke products

Since leaving work I have been able to pursue my immense interest in manufacturing and craft hobbies. The addition of my DIY CNC machine, custom built to suit my requirements, and a new laser engraving and cutting machine have proven really beneficial to my craft. I have thoroughly enjoyed employing my previous years of experience in CNC programming and the big learning curve associated with the new laser acquisition, and i’m still learning (as always).

With these tools at hand I have been able to create a wide range of bespoke craft and gaming products, the product portfolio will gradually increase as I fulfil customer requests, although some of them will not be available due to their uniqueness.

Not realising the selling potential, having mostly created items for family and friends, I have been slow to amass a decent sales portfolio, but with your help that can grow and develop.

I can generally manufacture items from wood, acrylic or cast resin. I create my own silicone moulds as necessary to assist with multiple batch items.

The availability of CNC and laser equipment in my workshop  allows me complete flexibility in my design and manufacture, It also ensures that the items I manufacture are fully customisable, I can add names, alternative  graphics & different sizes, or to manufacture completely new designs on request.

Customer designs or customisations are always welcomed, use my contact form for your enquiry.

Bespoke products keep us all happy, I enjoy the challenge of designing and manufacturing something new and welcome the opportunity to satisfy your requirements.

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