I manufacture bespoke resin wooden & acrylic craft products and gaming type items.  Finishing, detailing or mould making is completed using a CNC machine or laser. 

Customization and personalizing options are available for many of the products. Please send your inquiry via the contact form.

I have made a large number of custom products for people/groups. These include Emerald Garrison Star Wars Costuming Club,  Backspindle Games, Weegamers  and many personal inquiries.

An amateur radio enthusiast,  I have worked on a number of projects utilizing nextion touchscreens. Not satisfied  with creating an “unfinished looking” project, I designed and manufactured an acrylic bezel. It fits neatly, securing the screen in place and provides  a nice glossy finish to the area around the screen border. It also helps hide those little inaccuracies when cutting out the project box for the screen. Have a look at them here

I built my own workshop, or as the better half knows it  “The Man Cave”.  As I tend to work out there a lot and never know the time of day, I designed and manufactured my own unique “cave clock”. Led illuminated with a “caveman” theme, you can find it here.  It is available in either Red, Green or blue led colours, as I believe these are the best for highlighting the images. 

I  keep minimal product stock on some items, preferring “manufacture to order”.  If you are interested in purchasing an item that has insufficient stock, send your inquiry using my contact form. I usually dispatch the item within a couple of business days, most often it’s the next business day.

If you have a bespoke product that you would like manufactured, get in touch via my contact form. Many have inquired that I’ve been able to accommodate, just ask via my contact form