Santa’s post box. Supplied in kit form – assembly required


Santa’s post box made from white laminated mdf or unfinished plywood.

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Note: This item is supplied in “Flat pack” kit form

Christmas is nearly here, the children are all excited looking forward to the Christmas dinner … yeah right …. it’s all those lovely presents they hope to get.

So what do they want, for years now we’ve been sending the list up the chimney, but not all houses have a chimney now. So it’s time for “Santa’s post box”, drop your list inside and it will go straight to Santa in a twinkle of stars overnight.

Laser cut from 3mm mdf with a nice white laminate finish, or 3mm ply so that you can paint or finish to your own design.

It has a lift up lid which can be secured using a small padlock (not supplied). There is a small notice area that will show the last posting date for Santa’s lists.

It has Santa’s initials and a nice cutout piece of Santa reading a list.

Approximate dimensions:

Height:    340mm
Length:    200mm
Width:     200mm

This item is supplied in “flat pack” kit form, so some assembly is required, guideline instructions are available here to assist assembly guide

The “Santa’s post” letters will be provided with a template guide to assist in horizontal positioning.

I use Gorilla wood glue for assembly, some people use superglue as it dries faster. This is a great little project to assemble with your children as part of the excitement and build up for Christmas.


  • NOT suitable for outdoor use.
  • Shipped “flat pack” so assembly is required. Requires glue (NOT supplied)
  • The plywood image shows a couple of elastic bands, these are in place to assist gluing.
  • Due to this item being handmade please allow up to 3 working days for dispatch

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 340 mm