Wedding table placemarker


Heart shaped illuminated wedding table placemarkers.

Choice of led colour

Custom design, “made to order

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These custom items are “made to order”, please use the contact form for your enquiry.

Heart shaped illuminated wedding table placemarker.

Add that extra special touch for your wedding guests, and add colour to your tables by using these led illuminated placemarkers.

The acrylic heart shape is laser etched with your custom design and guest names. They can be illuminated with either a Red, Green or Blue led. Other colours can be used but I have found these to be the most effective.

The led is powered by 2 small coin cell batteries in the base, it has a switch so that the items can be placed on the tables in advance and switched on when the room is ready. The base has a white gloss finish.

A handy tip:

You may notice in some of the photographs there is a small yellow sticker on the base, this was used to help the waiting staff know which meal choice the guest had pre selected.

It is difficult to photograph these to do them justice.

These items are made to order, please use the contact form for your enquiry.


Approximate dimensions:

Width:     90mm

Height:    90mm