Bezel surround for 4.3″ Nextion screen


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Black acrylic bezel for nextion screens commonly used with Arduino  and Raspberry Pi boards.

Designed and CNC manufactured specifically for a Nextion 4.3″ screen.

It hides the non illuminated portions of the screen display, therefore optimising the display and establishing a nice gloss finish surround. (The pictures show the bezel with the protective film in place.)

Designed to fit into a 126mmx 80mm cutout in a project style box or lid.

Secured using a suitable adhesive, a 4mm wide x 1mm thick (approx.) border provides flexibility for small inaccuracies in your project box cutout.

4 plastic screws provided to secure the screen to the bezel.

Other colours are available.
Planning to use multiple screens and need a single bezel I can work with you to design and manufacture.
Use the contact form to enquire

Please note the rear view image is NOT for this size of bezel, but gives an indication of securing and border