Gaslands Templates and Tokens


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Designed for Gaslands these are made from 3mm Black gloss acrylic or 2mm thick plain mdf

These are available as laser etched acrylic, with white infill acrylic or 2mm thick plain mdf. As you might expect the infill version is dearer as it takes some time to prepare them.

There are two packs included:

Movement template pack

1x Large Template
1x Small Template
1x Slide
1x Hairpin
1x Hard
1x Turn
1x Gentle
1x Veer
1x Swerve
1x Short straight
1x Medium straight
1x Long Straight

Misc tokens pack:

1 x pole position
24 x Ammo
42 x Hazard
16 x Vote

My camera skills aren’t great, in the gallery photos the laser etched and the white infill versions, the nice shiny black gloss doesn’t show properly, and of course the dust gets highlighted too.

There are also photos of a customised set that I made using 5mm purple acrylic, customised options are available please use the contact form for your enquiry.