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“Family and Friends” calendar

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Finding it hard to remember so many birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Then this is the thing for you, a “Family and Friends” calendar

  • Easy to use.
    All you have to do is write on the Wooden shape,  the name, day of month and event, then hang it under the appropriate month.
  • Reminds you of those important dates.
    You should never miss a birthday, anniversary, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day with this family and friends calendar.
  • Wall mounted.
    Easy to hang, we recommend using command strips (not supplied), makes it simple to hang on wall.
  • Show your love
    Whether it’s birthdays or anniversary’s for family and friends, it’s a good time for you to show them your love and tell them you care about them by showing that you remembered.

Made from lasercut laminated mdf, it has monthly columns where you can hang hearts, circles or diamonds below. Simply add their name, day of the month and event on the token and you can see at a glance to help remind you. You can use hearts for family dates, diamonds for anniversaries etc.

Approximate dimensions:

Material:  Laminated MDF
Length:     500mm
Height:     140mm
Thickness:  7mm

Images are not the actual board being purchased, as colour/pattern varies
Each board is supplied with 18 tokens, 6 each of hearts, circles and diamonds,and small rings to help hang them.

Additional token packs will be made available shortly.




Additional information

Dimensions 500 × 140 × 7 cm